From native woodlands to urban forests, farm windbreaks, backyard shade trees, and commercial agroforestry plantings, we can work with you to create and implement a sustainable management plan for your land.

Find out about Forest Management Plans here, and ecological timber sales here. Learn about other service and planning opportunities for your land in the photos below.

Forestry Services

  • Oak Savanna Restoration

    Facilitate the return of native prairie grasses and wildflowers beneath widely scattered trees. All tree species that are not oak or shagbark hickory are cut, and the stumps are judiciously treated with herbicide. In cases where the soil’s seed bank has been destroyed, diverse, local ecotype prairie is seeded. Annual mowing or prescribed fire maintains this valuable oak savanna ecosystem.

Forestry Planning


  • Urban Forest Inventory and Plan

    Receive a detailed inventory of urban trees, including their species, size, form qualities, and potential concerns. Includes recommendations for removal of trees in poor condition, or highly susceptible to pests and diseases. These recommendations specify whether to treat or remove the poor quality or susceptible trees, which species would be most successful in a tree planting, and how to successfully establish them. Urban Forest Inventory and Plan is ideal for small municipalities in Iowa.


John and Beverly, Iowa Falls
We always knew we were lucky to have the woodlands on our farm, but didn't have the time or knowledge to manage them well. We feel fortunate to have access to Prudenterra's assistance to make them a contributing part of our farm.